Thursday, May 5, 2011

beyond frazzled.

My to do list is making me frazzled. I am trying to stay calm and just focus on one thing at a time and celebrating with a "woop woop!" each time I get to cross something off.

TO DO (in the next two days):

  • Study and take a quiz on the assessment of the abdomen and cardiovascular system
  • Do an abdominal and cardiovascular assessment on someone
  • Submit my groups diagnostic paper on a fake patient with abdominal pain and other such symptoms (we diagnosed her with acute cholecystitis) >cholecystitis<
  • Write an evaluation of my peers in my group for said diagnostic paper
  • Take a quiz for my research class on descriptive, exploratory and experimental study designs
  • Buy: makeup remover, shampoo, things to decorate my hat for the derby party this weekend, ingredients for the food I am making for the derby party, booze for party (summer shandy!), a gift for my brother's graduation
  • Decorate hat for derby party
  • Alter my mom's dress for my cousin's wedding in two weeks
  • Change my bed linens
  • Clean my room
  • Do my nails
  • Get my TB test read at work. I can already tell ya... I don't have Tuberculosis.
  • Make cards for my mom for mother's day and my brother for graduating college
The reason I must must get all of this done today and tomorrow... is because I am busy busy busy! Tomorrow night I am having dinner with Jay's family for mother's day. Early Saturday, Jay and I are having lunch with my family. Saturday afternoon into the night, we go to my friend's house for her annual Derby Party where we all dress in swanky clothes and pretend we fancy big hats and drinking mint juleps. Sunday morning, we wake up early and go to my brother's graduation from UIC. Sunday afternoon we board the Spirit of Chicago cruise ship at Navy Pier and have a dinner cruise along the Lake Michigan Chicago coast and eat, drink, and take fun pictures with the city skyline in celebration of my bro's big graduation and my mom for being mom.    

... just breathe. hee hee whoooooo. hee hee whoooo. Can ya blame me for Lamaze breathing? I am going to be a Women's Health NP after all!

"Can I go to the derby party?" says Dante.

My cat is a weirdo. 
He decides to sit on my hat and refused to move as I was playing with ideas on how to decorate it.


  1. I hear ya on the lists! Thank goodness I've gotten most of the items checked off of mine and I'm FINALLY starting to relax!

    Derby Party Fun!

    See you tomorrow!

  2. It's crazy how little stuff like going to the store piles up and can overwhelm you! I feel that way about the grocery store and laundry most of the time. Yikes. But checking off items on a list helps immensely :)